I'm Tori. Welcome =)

a ux designer who loves cutting edge tech

VR is cool!



Spending 2/3 of my lifetime in Asia and the other 1/3 in North America, I'm able to put myself in users' shoes regardless of their background and solve problems while switching between insider/outsider perspective. 


  • Education background: Science/Engineering -> Interaction Design
  • Work experience: Enterprise, start-up, venture capital, and more
  • Platforms: Web, mobile, Internet of Things, VR/AR


vR:A Wild west to Explore

I found out about VR not long ago and can't get enought of it. I try to learn as much as possible: Attend VR meetups, participate in online VR community, and even did my grad project on VR.

I'll be attending Consumer VR Expo! Stay tunned :)


Prototyping: my Nihonto

I have these in my toolbox (and the list keep growing): HTML, CSS, Javascript, Framer, Pixate, Invision, Principle, Processing, After Effects. Currently playing with Unity for my grad project.


Selected Work:2014-now

Practice makes perfect. I've been gaining real life experience since second year and worked in Enterprise, startups and venture capitals. My experience includes but not limited to web, mobile, videography, motion design and print.


My thoughts on


Thanks and feel free to email me with any question